Hello i’m Riku Tamminen,
an independent hobby developer from Finland. I’ve been assembling mining loaders for a living the past 8 years.
Computers have always been a hobby for me and my current goal is to make a living from the games i develop.

The name reinkout [rainĀ·coat] comes from some nonsense that should’ve originally been a brand for table lamps and other decoration stuff,
but that fell short aside of all the ideas. Then we (my brother @hypnohustler and one special Mike) made some short video clips and used the name as the entertainment ”company”.
After all that passed, i just took a huge bogart with the name and website.

-Released 8 games for iOS in the past few years
-Currently working on ”Mugsters” for desktop.
-Mostly interested on 3D and UX

I have a dog, a miniature pinscher called Taavi

Location: Turku, Finland