Hello i’m Riku Tamminen,
an independent developer from Finland.
Still at the beginning of 2017 I was assembling mining loaders for a living for over 9 years.
Signed to the Team17 indie label with my current project ”Mugsters” and quit the day job.

The name reinkout [rainĀ·coat] comes from some nonsense that should’ve originally been a brand for table lamps and other decoration stuff,
but that fell short aside of all the ideas. Then we (my brother @hypnohustler and one special Mike) made some short video clips and used the name as the entertainment ”company”.
After all that passed, i just took a huge bogart with the name and website.

-Released some games for iOS in the past few years:
Wanted to do a rocket arcade game with player being a rocket that don’t want to hit anything. A dodging/flying game basically.
From that on i’ve basically wanted to always have a different genre for every game i’m working on.

A super minimalist gradient sliding remembering puzzle type of game, this one probably started to grow my whole deal with the ’less is more/what can i possibly remove’ thing that’s been following like a disease.

Max Turmoil:
Then was the time for a stuntman game that i guess was a launcher game essentially, where you jump over buses, drive inside the globe of death and all that jazz.
Wanted to have motors in mixed with gory deaths. Inspired by Evel Knievel.

Forty Grapes:
Based on something that can a games name be used as design, rules and description all at once, game where you shoot grapes into a vine, each vine holds certain amount of mass to break, your job was to fill up an unstable vine with 40 grapes.
Vine always breaks when too much pressure on one chain of grapes.

Barrel Blunder:
A pinball kinda game, where you arrange swim jumping boards in right places and send a swim jumper trying to jump into a barrel, again idea was to make a fun looking game but with completely gory mess when missing the barrel.
Simply counting the number of successful jumps in a row.

Made in 2 different parts, or sectors as i set them. Physics puzzle platformer that plays with 1 button, pressing on a circular gravity on spread around orbs, you move forward by using the gravitational pull on the orbs, swinging and shooting out by timing the gravity switching off.
Had so much fun mechanics coming up with this, so spread it into 2 completely different games. First is basically moving vertical and the second moving horizontal.

Pinna – Unicycle for your nerves:
I guess this is the only more interesting one, had around 1.3-1.5 million downloads on iOS, made real fast since with this one i really wanted to push the getting everything really raw and minimalist thing with this.
Only a unicycle on white screen, which has shattering glass like saddle.

-Currently working on ”Mugsters” for desktop and consoles along with Team17

Location: Turku, Finland